Vechile Tracking

Set vehicle tracking alerts, and be on top of things.

At AVLView, we understand the anxieties/worries that come with your fleet operations. This is why we introduced notifications feature to alert you immediately on unforeseen events that require your attention.

Whether it’s a schedule failure, theft attempt or route deviation, you can rest easy and focus on your business, the system prompts you what you can act upon – the exceptions.


To find out how vehicle tracking alerts helps with unforeseen events that require your attention.

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Door open/close alerts

It’s always going to be a temptation for drivers to use company delivery vehicles for unauthorized usage like going to get groceries, dropping a friend off at work or even moonlighting to transfer shipments. If you aren’t very keen on them doing this, you need a system that has measures that prevent this from happening.

The system allows you to get notifications for when drivers start a vehicle with/without authorization, or if they open the door of a vehicle when they aren’t supposed to do so.

Alerts on door open/close events

Alerts based on scheduled days/hours

Panic alerts

Be it for the safety of your staff or assets, fitting a panic buzzer (SOS buzzer) on vehicle dashboard could be extremely useful. As soon as something goes wrong with the vehicle or driver, this buzzer can be pressed which triggers an immediate notification to you by all means (SMS/Mobile Notification, Email & On-screen Popup).

Alert message has vehicle information & driver mobile number

Active alert settings 24 hours a day

Seat belt alerts

Driver safety is the single most pressing problem in commercial fleet management. Accidents are an unfortunate part of fleet operation that keep on happening despite the basic safety policies you implement. However, using GPS vehicle tracking system with added safety measures help prevent accidents before they occur.

Whether or not a driver regularly wears a seat belt reflects on his/her driving behaviour and commitment to safety. Unarguably, wearing seat belts dramatically reduce the chances of death or serious injury if there is an accident.

Alerts you when driver seatbelt is not worn

Reefer temperature alerts

If your core business belong to Supply Chain/FMCG industry that carry valuable and easily perishable goods, you know how important is monitoring temperature levels of fridges/freezers or so called reefers fitted with your trucks. A slight variation in temperature level can melt your desserts, spoil frozen meat and why not, even cause a huge damage to your profit margin.

Livetrack vehicle tracking system lets you manage your FMCG trucks with ease, providing you real time information on temperature status along with exact location.

Set lower & upper temperature alert thresholds

iButton (driver identification)alerts

Rash driving alerts help you identify vehicles that goes through reckless & irresponsible driving practices. But to clean up the mess, you need to know who’s driving which vehicle. And, if drivers are assigned to vehicles randomly every now & then, that would lead to an incomplete analysis on driver performance.

Identify your drivers using iButton; alerts are sent when:

An authorized driver uses iButton to start vehicle

An unauthorized driver tries to start a vehicle

When someone tries to tamper the driver identification device