Vechile Tracking

Live GPS Vehicle tracking brings your operational costs under control..

Live GPS vehicle tracking is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate.


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The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each vehicle’s exact position. The display is an easy to use map with arrows showing the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your vehicle’s movement on a detailed map, including street address.

Live GPS vehicle tracking

Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times helps you regain control of your fleet operations. With notifications, you will know how fast the vehicle was driven, where and when the vehicle stopped, and for how long.

Livetrack vehicle tracking system offers real time data on:

Location of your vehicles

Vehicle Speed, Stoppages

Driver information

Odometer & Fuel level** in the fuel tank

Ignition, Door & Aircon Status

Track vehicles on Google map

The map data is licensed for business use and is the latest updated version of Google Maps. It allows you to store points on map, such as landmarks, stops and delivery addresses.

The map automatically updates and pans with the movement of your vehicle and shows you the route with arrows marked on it.

Create unlimited Points of Interest
Easy to see visualization for moving vehicles
Maps load fast
Worldwide road, traffic data
99.9% uptime reliability

Live tracking on your mobile

No more hassles of carrying your laptops around, just track your vehicles on the go, that too live 24/7 on your mobile device. With this real time meaningful data, you can address problems in real time, while improving your operations over the long term.

Vehicle tracking app for Android & iOS

Live tracking on map

Live Fuel and Speed Readings

Mobile notifications

Tracking history upto 6 months

Live GPS vehicle tracking alone wouldn’t answer your questions; fetch your vehicle’s tracking history anytime for upto 6 months, know where your vehicles been to, where did they stop, for how long and what driving violations resulted en-route.

With 3 modes (Auto, Custom & Trip), you may draw the historical data as you want it to be.

Create routes with waypoints from history

Weekly heatmap showing the most engaged routes

Alerts & stop notifications en-route

Animated history replay

Share vehicle movement with clients

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more than being honest upto the word you promised your clients; delivering on time. What if the delay is out of your control, caused by an accident or extreme weather? Just share the vehicle location so that your clients may track their shipment/ courier on map in real time.

Share live GPS vehicle tracking session

Set link expiry with time frames

Fully secured, shares only vehicle info

Real time trip coverage with ETA

Create instant daily trips for your vehicles on map, include all your landmarks as waypoints enroute and get estimated time of arrival at each point; so you know the approximate time vehicles take to reach your client locations.

Nothing is more effective in calming an impatiently waiting customer than being able to ascertain the exact time of arrival. Create your own schedules and get Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)’s based on the time you specify for each stop point.

Recalculated ETA at each waypoint en-route. Updated trip progress on Map

Real time road traffic data

Now you know how to keep your clients on course in occasions of delayed deliveries. But, what if you could avoid all those delivery delays by identifying road traffic & re-routing your vehicles?

Traffic layer on map helps you analyse road traffic in real time and organize trips accordingly using ‘Create Instant Trip’ feature.

View PoIs on map clubbed with traffic layers

Real time vehicle tracking with road traffic data

Monitor fuel & detect fuel theft**

Is your tank running questionably low? With digital fuel sensors, you would be able to pinpoint fuel wastage or even outright fuel theft.

Overall, your fuel expense is going to be a big part of any business that requires a fleet of vehicles. It’s important to use a fleet system that helps you track this expense so you can keep it under control.

Upto 95% accuracy

Real time fuel level monitoring

Accurate data on refuelling and draining

Alerts on low fuel, refuel & drain

World wide coverage

If you are tired of keeping up with your fleet operation, then let us help you get to the point you need to be at. Our live GPS vehicle tracking service is available in many countries worldwide. The platform supports many automobile tracking devices available in the market today.


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